Dana Kirk was the Head coach for the Memphis State University men's Basketball team from 1979 to 1986. His coaching record was 158–58, including a Final Four appearance in 1985. He was previously an assistant coach for Denny Crum at the University of Louisville.

Kirk built the Tigers into a national powerhouse with teams comprised largely of Memphis-area players. However, he only graduated six players in seven years, including only two on the celebrated 1985 team.

Only a year after the Final Four appearance, Kirk was forced out after an investigation revealed he had committed several felonies. Moreover, the Tigers were found to have committed many NCAA violations. The Tigers were forced to sit out the 1987 NCAA Tournament, and were forced to vacate their Final Four standing from 1985.

He was indicted by a federal Grand Jury on 11 counts of tax evasion, filing false income tax returns, mail fraud and obstruction of justice. At his trial, witnesses testified that he scalped tickets for as much as five times face value, took money from boosters to give to players and actively solicited Kickbacks from tournament promoters. He served four months in a federal minimum-security prison in Montgomery, Alabama. After his sentence, he returned to Memphis where he hosted a sports talk show on WHBQ (AM). He has also published his autobiography "Simply Amazing, The Dana Kirk Story", where he talks about his years as a basketball coach.

He is now retired and living in Memphis with his wife Denise, a successful attorney. If asked about any of the happenings surrounding his Memphis State Years, he will only respond "I don't do negativity".

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